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Living in Peace by having the right perspective. Peace – ˈpēs Noun: Freedom from strife; a state of tranquillity or serenity. Perspective – per·spec·tive – pərˈspektiv – Noun: A particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.

His Mercies are New Every Morning

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Happy New Year!

So, just curious. Which route have you decided to take to become a better you in 2019? Let me guess. Celery juicing? Low carb diets? Eliminating sugar? Purging clutter of unused and unwanted items in your house?

I must confess. I’m guilty of them all as I begin this brand new year.

It is beneficial and wise to want to improve ourselves. All of the above things are necessary for our physical and mental well-being as well as the environment around us. But, why does the excitement of ringing in a new year have such power to motivate us to make a change?  Why can’t this seasonal euphoric feeling be felt throughout the year? And sadly, why does all this hyped-up, end-of-the-year worldly pressure to improve ourselves slip by the wayside in about one month and we return to our habitual patterns of laziness, complacency, and mediocrity?

I’m exclaiming, “Not this year!”

As I reflect on my post, “An Alternative To New Year’s Resolutions,” I reiterate my philosophy that we should not need a celebratory yearly holiday to motivate us to improve ourselves. Yes, it is a cleansing feeling to leave behind the old year, especially if it wasn’t a great one. However, this is a good reminder that, should God bless us with the amazing opportunity to wake up another day, we get to intentionally decide on a daily basis how we want to live our lives and the choices we will make.

Our Lord says, “My mercies are new every morning.” Lamentations 3:22-23

What an encouragement! If the God who created the Universe and everything in it is this immensely gracious to his children each new morning, then I must meditate on this and allow myself to forget the flaws of yesterday and know that each new day is a fresh start. We don’t need a new year to change course, we just need a new day!

I really love this mentality and approach to life. It alleviates the pressure of being perfect and condemning yourself and allows the lessons of yesterday to wisely and deliberately fuel today’s choices and direction.

It’s never too late to right the wrongs of yesterday. Eat healthier, exercise, declutter, forgive, apologize, be kind, humble and selfless, be goal-oriented, and begin that project now!

Along with your personal goals for the New Year, I encourage you to add one more. Join with me in continuing to grow in a relationship with our Creator. Learn to submit to Him, be obedient to Him, and acknowledge Him in all your ways, and He will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:6

Author: peaceandperspectiveblog

This blog contains my perspective on issues we face in today’s world, within relationships, and in our daily lives with the end goal of bringing light into darkness and how to ultimately live in peace throughout it all! My mission is to share my knowledge and wisdom that I have acquired through my life’s many trials and challenges through wise choices made with my Christian values in different aspects of my life. None of it has been easy. I am a work in progress, but I live a life of gratefulness, despite the many trials I have faced. I am not, have never been, and will never be a victim. I give God the glory for waking me up through the trials He has allowed! He has given me eyes that see and ears that hear through His prompting to seek Him in my darkest days. He continues to mold me into who He wants me to be with each trial I face. I believe He is using me to plant seeds in others through the lessons I’ve learned through the difficult trials I have endured, the choices I’ve made, the faith I’ve kept, and the amazing, wonderful peaceful outcome in my life. Thank you for allowing me to share my perspective. It is incredibly therapeutic for me to write about my life experiences and share my thoughts. I hope I can help you see a new perspective in the trials you are facing or may face in the future. I would love to hear your comments or suggestions on how I can make this a better blog, and I would greatly appreciate you sharing and following my blog.

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